How to Choose Yoga Wheel

The yoga wheel is a piece of equipment meant to assist various “asanas” and yoga-inspired exercises. You can use them to help stretch and release tension from your muscles, similar to a foam roller. Yoga wheels are also useful for challenging balance postures.

1. Plastic vs. Cork vs. Wood

ABS Plastic is a highly durable material. It is shock-resistant and can take a lot of weight. Although it is cheap, plastic is not eco-friendly.

Cork is usually just one layer of the whole wheel, as the core is still plastic. However, it makes the wheel more durable than a full plastic wheel and provides a better grip and flexibility.

Wooden Yoga wheels are an eco-friendly, biodegradable option, unlike plastic and cork. Their drawbacks are that they are expensive, cannot take on too much weight, and are not as flexible as cork or plastic.

2. Use your experience level to determine the right wheel size

Small wheels are usually around 6” in diameter and 5-6” wide and are ideal for rolling out sore muscle areas, stretching, and balancing poses.

Medium wheels are usually 10” in width and height. They can be used by anyone who is interested in trying a deep backbend but wants appropriate support.

Large wheels are slightly bigger with 12-13” in height and 5” in width. These are good for both beginners and advanced practitioners and go well with deeper poses and backbends.

Choosing the wheel size has no relevance to your build as it is only supposed to adjust the difficulty levels for the exercise For example, if you are of a smaller structure, a small wheel might seem like a good idea except, the small size is also going to make your backbend much deeper.

3. A wheel with a textured surface is always a better choice

1)Look for wheels with a textured surface for enhanced traction with the floor. The wheel should not slip and slide under you, putting you at risk of getting injured. Ensure that the grip is good enough to support your weight and keep the wheel steadily over the ground.

2)Thick padding will better cushion the spine and lead to less painful contact.

3)The material for the padding is a matter of personal choice although, it is best to look for material that is sweat and odor proof.

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