Custom Logo Yoga Wheel Equipment Yoga Wheel Set


Product Description
Production name
OEM factory custom TPE yoga wheel pilates wheel set
Band name
export carton
black/pink/light blue or customized
laser engraving or print
Production capacity
10000PCS per week

OEM factory custom TPE yoga wheel pilates wheel set

“The Stronger and Most Comfortable Yoga Wheel on the Market”
The Yugland Yoga Wheel is the best back opener and stretcher ever. Perform perfect backbends & release muscle tension in your back, shoulders & hips in ways you didn’t know that could be so fun .
*Unparalleled in its superior quality Construction
* Boasts a comfort-focused dense Performance padding
* Yogi’s nationwide have claimed it to be everything they expected and more
* Built to last a lifetime
Master Backbends and Inversions Effortlessly
Inversions scaring you and giving you anxiety ?The Yugland Yoga Wheel not only gives you the support you need to begin practicing
backbends but also the confidence! With regular practice, you can finally conquer your fear of backbends and inversions.
Release Back Tension In Minutes
I Decompress your discs and feel the pain literally melt away.
Use the Yugland Yoga Wheel to safely perform back bending poses and stretches. Massage and stretch those tight muscles in the
upper and lower back regions including your spine. Feel the powerful pain relieving effects of spinal traction from backbends
within just minutes of use.
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